Redondo Beach Flagstone Patio

Flagstone is one of the best and most popular materials for building patios for most Americans. Apart from their natural organic look, they also have narrow and packed joints so that they allow water to permeate instead of running off. We at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros pride ourselves in our extensive experience and skilled craftsmanship that marks as the best in building flagstone patios in Redondo Beach.

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Why Use Flagstone for Your Patio

While there are numerous materials to use for building a patio, Flagstone has a clear advantage over the competition. First, due to their shape and earthy hues of reds, browns, greys, and blues, flagstone patios blend with the environment in a way that no other material can replicate. Moreover, one can grow green grass, moss, or fit in a hardy ground cover between the stones. This natural organic look is one of the primary reasons that Flagstone is the industry standard material when building patios and stone walkways, especially for today’s new home builders.

Flagstone is also very durable primarily because the stones do not absorb water and do not weather or crack. Durability also means that very little maintenance is required as stone by nature experiences very little degradation provided it is not exposed to much runoff water. 

Flagstone Patterns

Stone can be cut to any shape one desires; from this flexibility in shape, a wide array of patterns can emerge. Thus, it is up to your patios contractor to come up with a pattern that can truly capture your vision. Having worked for numerous customers, we have been able to test a wide array of patterns with amazing results. 

Here are a couple of popular patterns we have installed for our customers. 

Repeating Patterns

For a formal look, we found that a repeating pattern is the best way to capture that solemn mood. We do this by using neatly cut rectangle patterns that are carefully arranged to indicate precision and a high level of organization. 

A random rectangle pattern can be also be used to provide continuity coupled with staggered joints that disrupts the monotony. Mortaring and resurfacing this pattern makes the surface smooth for sliding chairs in and out of a dining table.

Irregular Patterns

For a casual appearance, irregular patterns are used to emphasize the organic natural shape of the stone. The gaps in-between individual stones are filled by small stones for a rugged surface or mortared for a smooth surface. However, irregular patterns do still tend to have a rougher surface that may make it harder for one to move furniture. Wide, sturdy furniture will thus be the most suitable, so the table legs and chairs are not stuck in-between the stones.

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