Redondo Beach Stained Concrete

For most people, concrete’s grey and dull color, coupled with its strength, pose a material whose only use in construction is binding and nothing more. Indeed it is its strength that has made concrete the number one material for construction all over the world. However, with the advent of stained concrete, today, it can also be used for aesthetics. Moreover, staining concrete gives it a rich luminescence that other coloring mediums simply cannot replicate.

That is why we at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros have committed ourselves to master the use of Redondo Beach stained concrete for decoration. Our projects using stained concrete have left our customers more than satisfied and sometimes simply awed. This has helped us build a reputation as construction artists. Looking for contractors who can implement your wild creative ideas?

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Excellent Stained Concrete Contractors

Concrete staining is one of the main methods of transforming concrete into something decorative. For many, paint is the first material that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetics. However, paint cannot infuse concrete, creating a vast array of luminous translucent tones depending on the surface they are applied to and the technique used.

Concrete stains come in two major types:

Acid Stain

This is a very reactive type of stain as it involves a reaction between the metallic salts in the acid and the hydrated lime in concrete. The reaction is visually dramatic and results in the appearance of a variety of shades of colors and patterns. These shades are unique such that no two acid stained concrete floors are alike. Another great benefit of using acid stains is that they penetrate deep into the concrete slab so that it doesn’t peel or fade.

Water Stain

Unlike acid stains, water-based stains do not contain any metallic salt. This means that the non-reactive stain dries in the same color as it was before application. This consistency makes it ideal for specific patterns, designs, graphic images, and the like.

Advantages of Concrete Staining

At Redondo Concrete Beach Pros, we use a variety of coloring options for decoration; however, we are heavily biased towards stained concrete for our most creative work. 

This could be because stained concrete offers a wide variety of coloring options as compared to integral coloring or dyes. Acid stains come in earth tones and an array of blue-green hues while water stains come in an almost full spectrum of colors.

We also know that stains can be used on both old and newly poured concrete, while integral colors and dyes can only be applied on new concrete surfaces.

Stains can also be used in indoor and outdoor spaces without being affected by UV rays. On the other hand, dyes and integral colors cannot stand UV rays; they fade quickly when exposed to these strong sun rays.

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