Redondo Beach Concrete Pouring

As a thick gray fluid, one might imagine that Redondo Beach pouring concrete is a rather simple self-explanatory process. Many opt to do this themselves without the need for a concrete contractor. The truth, however, is that concrete is a rather delicate material that requires professionals to ensure that the final mold is of the highest quality possible.

Redondo Beach Concrete Pouring Experts

We at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros push ourselves to the limits to ensure that every intricate detail is just right.

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The site first needs to be cleared clean to leave just raw earth. We do this using our industry-standard earth-moving equipment like excavators and bulldozers to clear grass, trees, old concrete, and any other undesirable objects in the area. We then test the soil to see to it that it maintains formation after the concrete is poured. If it doesn’t meet the required standards, we usually recommend that the soil be replaced.

When the soil is finally prepared to the necessary level, a granular sub-base is laid over the entire area. It is then compacted to prepare it for the concrete.


The next stage is forming, which involves setting up wooden frames supported by stakes all around the concrete area. We set this up for easy removal at the end of the whole process.


When the land is cleared and the forms in place, we now install the concrete. We either use our concrete truck to pour directly into the concrete area or use concrete pumping to get the concrete exactly where it is needed. Some staff members will then use their trowels to move the concrete as it is being poured to prevent air pockets and make sure the surface is even.


At this stage, the concrete is leveled, and the edges made to look uniform. The concrete is compacted further by slowly and carefully pushing a board across the concrete surface. We then use trowels, and some hand-held called floats and some steel trowels to even out smaller areas and edges to create a hard, smooth surface.


This stage requires a touch of finesse to create smooth decorative patterns. Our talented crew works hard to get every intricate detail of the finish just right to create a uniquely beautiful pattern. However, sometimes our customers require a hard surface, and here we employ the use of concrete finishing.


We recommend that curing start immediately after the finish is done. This will help to prevent cracks and ensure an even cure. The whole curing process last 28 days, with the first week being the most critical.

While concrete is an extremely durable material, you can further prolong its life by applying a good quality sealer within the first month and occasional soap and water cleaning.

At Redondo Beach Concrete Pros, you are sure to get your money’s worth with our high quality of craftsmanship.

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