Redondo Beach Concrete Finishing

In construction, finishing is one of the most important aspects of the whole process. It is at this point where the surface is given a smooth and even ‘finish’. If you have a cement patio, pool deck, concrete walkway, or driveway, you know how crucial it is for the surface to be as smooth as possible. This is why we at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros optimize our techniques and materials to ensure that our customers get the smoothest floor they can imagine. Call us at (424) 363-8630 to get your next project started.

Most Sought-After Concrete Finishing

Construction majorly involves pouring concrete into forms, but finishing the final stage is also just as crucial as it determines the appearance of the whole project. The versatility of concrete means there is several options when it comes to Redondo Beach concrete finishing.

Here are several options that we employ to make the final product not only strong but beautiful.

Troweled Finishing

After the poured concrete has been flattened with a screed, we use trowels to create a smooth, fine concrete surface. For homes and projects with a not so large surface area, we employ a personal touch by using hand trowels.

Much like a sculpture crafting a statue or a painter creating a masterpiece by hand, our workers pull and push carefully using hand trowels over the surface for a uniquely smooth surface.

Larger surfaces, however, require the use of our industry-standard power trowels.

Broom Finish

With broom finishing, we take a step further after troweling. After the concrete has been leveled and then ‘closed’ by a spade, workers will drag a special broom across the surface. This creates a rougher structure than troweling but will also look nice and provide more traction for areas that could get slippery when wet.

Polished Finishing

To achieve an appealing look, for easy cleaning and to gain extra protection, we can cure the floor with a nicely polished surface. We do this using our industry-standard floor grinders with diamond abrasives embedded into their grinding discs. These discs do, however, vary in their grades of abrasives depending on the level of smoothness required. Coarse abrasives are used to achieve a rougher surface, while fine abrasives will result in a smooth fine surface.

For protection, we apply chemical hardeners to the concrete. An interior or exterior sealer can also be applied to the product after grinding to protect it further from chemical oils and stains.

At Redondo Beach Concrete Pros, we go the extra mile to make certain that the final product matches your specifications to the tee. Give us a call at (424) 363-8630 to get the best quality floor.