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Innovation is key in today’s world and in the concrete and masonry world, it’s no different. At Redondo Beach Concrete Pros we believe in forward thinking and functional concrete designs and builds.

Are you looking for a contractor that will build and design your new concrete driveway, patio, or other project without breaking the bank? Then look no further than your friends over here at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros. We have the best build for your buck around!

Redondo Beach Concrete Pros treats all of our customers like family so you can be sure you are getting the best service around.

When you give us a call you will be met by one of our elite concrete specialists who will dive right in and see what the best plan might be for your situation. We will even schedule a time to come meet with you, and show you a few examples from our concrete and masonry projects portfolio. Call (424) 363-8630 today!

      Best Concrete Contractors in Redondo Beach, CA

      We offer many different concrete services here at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros. Odds are if it needs concrete, we can work with it. There are sometimes, however, where you might just need some concrete refinishing or resurfacing. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered and can’t wait to help you out. Give us a call now! (424) 363-8630

      Concrete Driveways

      You may not notice them a whole lot, but driveways serve another important purpose aside from just being functional. The way your driveway looks can often set the tone for how someone looks at your home. It might be that first impression. The bottom line is that the look of a concrete driveway either improves its appeal or degrades it. That is why it is of utmost importance that you get the job done by a crew that knows exactly what they are doing, with quality in mind.
      We prove ourselves to our customers over and over again because of the consistent work and final product we bring to the table. When it comes to building concrete driveways, we focus on three main goals: affordability, longevity, and being blemish-free. When all three of these are met, you have a happy customer, a strong driveway, and a pure final product.

      Experience is a huge factor in any industry, and that’s no different for the concrete industry. You want to hire a contractor that not only has years of experience himself but a crew that also has years of experience.

      A contractor that has years of experience will blow any rookie contractor out of the water. Luckily, we have over a decade of experience in the concrete industry. We’ve seen just about any kind of issue that can crop up, as well as be able to build and design whatever your thinking of!

      Each and every one of our driveways is built top of the line. All of our driveways will not only be able to handle everyday traffic without cracking, but also withstand the occasional house party as well. To handle all this tremendous pressure, we use industry-leading materials in all of our mixtures, paving, and stamps. Only the best around here! The last thing you need is to hire some half-bit contractor that cheapens out on the materials and process of the build.

      Dial (424) 363-8630 to get free quotes and estimates.


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      this image shows concrete driveway redondo beach

      Stamped Concrete Driveways 

      Concrete driveways that are stamped give you a plethora of decorative options that are just not possible with other types of paving materials. If you choose to use stamps, you are able to recreate the popular look of some of the most sought after materials such as cobblestone, brick, and field stone. Another great opportunity with the stamped concrete driveway service is the ability to be poured or pumped into place instead of placing individual units of stone or brick. This method is cost-effective because it saves time and money.

      Lastly, stamping your concrete driveway gives your concrete contractor the ability to customize the color so that it can complement your home and yard. Dial (424) 363-8630 today to get free quotes today.

      Concrete Patios

      Are you looking to create your dream patio? Redondo Beach Concrete Pros got you covered. We have many years of experience creating the best-looking patios in the area. Every time we come out to meet with you, we bring our portfolio of patios that we have done in the past. The great thing about our patio portfolio is that it can spawn new ideas, or even be exactly what someone is looking for! When you are looking to hire a patio contractor, it is important that you choose someone with an artistic and creative mind. 

      As prices continue to increase for patios across the industry due to all the time it takes to work on them, it is in your best interest to work with a contractor that is focused on bringing your dream patio vision to reality. If you’re looking to bring your dream to life, pick up the phone and give us a ring today! (424) 363-8630 

      Stamped Concrete Patios

      If you are looking to add colored or decorative concrete to your backyard and entertainment areas, a stamped concrete patio is definitely the way to go. What makes stamped patio’s so great is that they can offer all the beauty and smoothness of indoor flooring, but also have the durability to handle the rougher weather exterior flooring is known for. It really is a jack of all trades.

      Furthermore, stamped concrete can often give the appearance of much higher-end materials at a much lower end price tag. The reason why pricing is so much lower is due the fact that we are able to pour the stamped concrete, whereas we have individually set and place those upper tier materials. Simply put it saves on time and labor.

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      Concrete Pool Decks

      Looking to add some flair to the new pool you just installed in the backyard? We’re the concrete contractors for you! Pool decks are awesome because that is where all the action and all the parties happen. You’ve probably got a couple ideas churning in your head about what you want it to look like. Give us a call!

      We’d be more than happy to meet up and show you our portfolio of awesome pool decks. All of our concrete pool deck packages use industry leading materials. This is important because whereas on other concrete surfaces you’ll probably be wearing shoes or flip flops so you won’t feel the heat, however, you will feel it on a pool deck built improperly. That is why we are building plenty of cool decks these day. When you are building a cool deck, you have to keep temperature in mind so that feet don’t get burned.

      When choosing a concrete pool deck contractor make sure to choose one with a good history of building temperature resistant pool decks. We actually have a lot of experience in this field, give our cool deck specialist a call today! (424) 363-8630

      Stamped Pool Deck

      Having a stamped concrete pool deck will not only make your home and landscape look more upscale, but it will be functional as well! You see, just as concrete patios and driveways need to be able to resist the weather, concrete pool decks need to be able to resist the pool chemicals, water exposure, and fading. We have materials that will allow us to give your deck the high-end look it deserves on top of the protection it needs, all at a fair value price.

      Concrete Wall

      We’ve talked about how concrete driveways, patios, and pool decks can all increase the look of your home and landscape, now let’s talk about something a little less common…the concrete wall. You may not give it all too much thought as compared to a driveway or patio, but concrete walls can add a certain dramatic flair to your home or landscape as well. Dial (424) 363-8630 today to get free quotes today. 

      You can build one in your front yard or backyard. One of our most popular uses of concrete walls are for privacy. Some of our clients like the look of a concrete wall better than the traditional fence. Whatever your idea may be, we are at your immediate service!

      More Concrete Services

      We aren’t limited to just those services we mentioned above. In fact all that is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer more than a handful of other concrete related services such as concrete foundations, grinding, overlays, staining, concrete blocks, repairs, concrete pumping, pool coping, and cement framing.

      If you don’t see the service you need on this list, give us a call, and let’s figure it out! Dial (424) 363-8630 today to get free estimates.

      Redondo Beach Masonry Contractor

      We are also your go-to masonry contractors in Redondo Beach as well. A few of the different options you are able to choose from with masonry would be things like stone fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and retaining walls. If you are a new home builder and are looking to add some value to your new home for the future, you can’t go wrong choosing one of these extras to bump up your home’s aesthetic appeal.

      Stone Masonry

      What are some options that you have with stone masonry? We are able to build stone fireplaces, stone outdoor kitchens, and much more! The weather in Redondo Beach is often stellar so it would be really neat to be able to enjoy the starry night with some friends and family with an outdoor stone fireplace.

      Our stone outdoor kitchens are a hot seller too. Cooking dinner outside a few nights is a great way to make some long-lasting memories with your friends and family. All of our stone kitchens and stone fireplaces are made with industry-leading materials so you can rest assured you are getting the absolute best value for your dollar.

      Brick Masonry

      We are also experts in brick masonry as well! When you are looking to hire a bricklayer or brick paver, it is important that you choose the right one the first time, otherwise, you might be shelling out a lot of money over time to repair their mistakes. That is why we have many years of experience with laying brick.

      Now even if you have a phenomenal contractor do a great job the first time, in a few years the color might fade, or it may need some refinishing. We offer that service too! We absolutely love bringing back the strong red of the original brick or even painting it a new color altogether. Some of our most frequent jobs with bricks are outdoor fireplaces and brick walls.

      Retaining Walls

      If you are looking to add some subtle flair to your landscape, a retaining wall might just be what you’re looking for. A retaining wall holds up hills from sliding down, and they can be made of a few different type of materials. Primarily, retaining walls are made up of concrete, but can also be constructed with stone and brick too. There is a major process that goes into building a solid retaining wall that will last years. If you skimp out on the wall, as the hill slowly slides over the years, it could damage the wall and cause it to break and even fall over.

      In terms of just singularly our brick retaining walls, there are: whole brick, half brick, and a thin brick veneer. Whole bricks are great because it will give the same characteristics of a cavity without all the cost. Half bricks are great too because they can stand solid against a block wall and since material use is even less, costs are lower. Lastly, a thin brick veneer can come in many different colors and patterns and is the easiest to apply.

      Locations We Service

      We service a large part of the South Bay Area of the SoCal region. Obviously for those in and around Redondo Beach, we have you covered on your concrete and masonry projects. Cities nearby that also get the opportunity to work with the best in concrete and masonry work include: Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Lomita, Lawndale, West Carson, Carson, Torrance, Gardena, El Segundo, Willowbrook, Del Aire, Long Beach, Lakewood, Hawthorne, Ladera Heights, and if you really want to work with us and your city isn’t listed here but your nearby, we probably can take care of you.

      Depending on the size of your project and your proximity of you to us, it never hurts to give us a call and see if we can help. At worst, even if we can’t help, we can refer you to our favorite concrete and masonry contractors that service your area. But we know your number one goal is to work with us, so give us a call! Let’s get started today! (424) 363-8630