Redondo Beach Colored Concrete

Using concrete for the building is a no-brainer as its advantages over other materials are endless. It is durable, requires very little maintenance, is resistant to high temperature and pressure, is economical, etc. However, when it comes to color, concrete in its natural grey color is not very visually appealing.

Fortunately, today we have colored concrete that is fast growing in popularity in the US. Colored concrete combines all the advantages of using concrete for building plus the added advantage of aesthetics. With a wide variety of shades to select from and a unique ability to blend with natural surfaces, colored concrete is the perfect material to capture your vision for your outdoor living space.

Redondo Beach colored concrete brings back creativity to construction, and at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros, we pride ourselves in creating concrete masterpieces worthy of the name art. If you are looking for craftsmen who can truly capture your vision, give us a call at (424) 363-8630.

Introducing Colored Concrete

So what is colored concrete? It was first introduced by contractors in Southern California named F.D. Davis Company, who were the first to add synthetic iron oxide to their gray concrete mixture. They were then able to achieve a wide range of earth tone colors. Since then, colored concrete has grown steadily in popularity as the material of choice for strength, durability, and also beauty.

Art in Concrete

With more than 2000 distinct hues to choose from, colored concrete truly captures the concept of variety. However, with so much to choose from, narrowing down to a specific color that is unique and captures your vision can be a daunting task.

At Redondo Beach Concrete Pros, our combined characteristics of superior concrete services and a keen eye for detail sets us apart as industry leaders in working with decorative concrete. Our designers will work with you to first create a mock-up that reflects your outdoor decorative ideas. At the same time, our masons will then carefully lay the concrete to ensure the final product is consistently beautiful.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients implementing unique ideas for each for them. Take a look at our rich portfolio for a sneak preview into our genius. 

Why Use Colored Concrete

The first and most important advantage of using colored concrete is its aesthetic appeal. As mentioned earlier, colored concrete offers more than 2000 different discrete shades. While most people prefer earth-toned shades like brown, green, and blue, some customers choose bright, distinct colors like yellow and red for areas like the brick fireplace and the pool deck. Whatever your idea, our designers will help you get the best colors for your outdoor living space.

Colored concrete used on a cement driveway will also mask any oil and grease stains hence reducing potential costs of resurfacing

With its wide variety of hues, colored concrete is a challenging material to use. Still, at Redondo Beach Concrete Pros we embrace that challenge and put our best foot forward to ensure that all our customers, be they new home builders or just people who want to build an outdoor living space have their dream home.

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